About Pliip

Millions and millions of people connect on social media platforms everyday, leave comments, share quick links, jokes and winks… Most of us have hundreds of acquaintances, even though we can hardly put a face to a (nick)name sometimes – are we wrong?

We are millions of people traveling from time to time, meeting each other and – lucky us! – having some good times with a handful of people, as fleeting as it can be… and, when back home, we can hardly put a name to a face sometimes – once again, are we wrong?

It can take time to make a real connection with someone. But as soon as the connection is made, we feel that it was worth it… and feel that our new buddy (ephemeral or not) was worth the shot!

This is what Pliip is all about: celebrating friendship through photos. One pal, one pic! Enjoy your time with friends and family, and take a pic of yourself with each of them.

Check your buddy pics and try to stop yourself from smiling while doing it – we bet you can’t. Then just tap pics to contact your pals when you feel like you (or they) need it. Come on, call your friends – they’ll be there in a pic!